dWebServices Project

dWebServices is a project helping people create ENS+IPNS websites (What is IPNS?)

The project is offered to everyone for free. It is easy to use, and allows people to create ENS+IPNS websites without the need to host their own server.

We tailored dWebServices for the use-case of dynamic .eth websites that are updated often.

Before dWebServices, if you wanted to update a .eth website, you had to either do that on-chain, which is expensive due to gas costs or run your own server for IPNS, which is difficult to set up, configure and maintain.

With dWebServices you can now easily update .eth websites off-chain with zero costs.

There are many of .eth websites already using dWebServices, where some prominent examples are all NIMI.eth websites, predomain.eth, esteroids.eth, conquest.eth or softcover.eth.

The problem

.eth websites based on ENS+IPFS are becoming popular this year, where even Vitalik Buterin hosts his blog now that way, see vitalik.eth.

When owners of an ENS name create a .eth website based on IPFS, they have to point their ENS name contenthash to a specific Content Identifier (CID) of IPFS.

In this method, when .eth website owners update their website, they have to update the contenthash field of their ENS name. This action can be very expensive in gas, up to dozens of dollars for each update in periods of high gas fees. For this reason, it is not practical to update often .eth websites that are based purely on ENS+IPFS.

IPNS is a feature of IPFS that solves it. In ENS+IPNS websites the updates of the contenthash are being made off-chain, meaning they are completely free.

However, IPNS is difficult to set up. In order to use IPNS people need to set up and configure their own servers, that update the IPNS records and keep them alive in the IPFS network.

dWebServices making IPNS as easy to use as IPFS.